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You could save up to £357 On your phone & broadband


You could save up to £357 On your phone & broadband



Due to a number of misconceptions, the majority of home owners tend to allow their broadband contracts to renew without even stopping to look at what else is available. If you haven’t dipped your toe into the market recently, now could be the time to do so because there is more competition for customers than ever before.

Of course, the process of changing broadband provider is something that has a negative reputation because it can include the phone line as well as the TV and many other services. This being said, it doesn’t need to be a big upheaval and that is because you can utilise many fantastic services just like Anytime Compare. After visiting this website, you will see all the best deals in the market and ways that you can save money. After telling us your postcode, we can help with your broadband package.

Can I Save Money?

In short, yes. By visiting our comparison website, we aren’t saying that you absolutely must change provider because, for all we know, you could already be on a very good deal. However, you can assess the market, look at your potential for savings, and then make a decision. If you haven’t looked in quite a while, you might just be surprised at how much you are being overcharged.

With broadband, it isn’t all about the price though because there are different plans involved. After a simple search with us, you could find deals at the same price but with a higher-speed internet. Alternately, you could find one slight more expensive but it includes much faster broadband and even free calls on your phone. Ultimately, it all comes down to your needs and you can assess them by compare latest broadband deals with Anytime Compare.

Why a Postcode?

As you saw, you will need to enter a postcode so we can show you some quotes. Despite popular belief, this isn’t so we can pass your data on to marketing companies and have them calling you all day and all night. Instead, it is because broadband is very different depending on where you are in the UK. While some companies offer fiber optic in certain areas, some providers might not operate at all in others. With your postcode, we can see what’s available and the results page will then become more accurate. As we find marketing calls just as frustrating as you, we will always look after any personal details you provide.

Does Cheap broadband Equal Slow?

In general, you can expect the fastest connections to be the most expensive ones in the market. In the same breath, there are some crossover points from certain providers. If you look hard enough (this becomes easier with our comparison service), you should be able to find a deal that balances price with a good speed connection. In our opinion, we believe that you need to assess your needs before you do anything else because then you will be less willing to compromise. After noting the connection speed you need and writing down a budget, see if you can find a provider that balances these two factors nicely.

What About Installation Costs?

Although there are some that do charge for installation, most will do it for free as they are happy to welcome you as a customer. After looking through the comparison on our website, why not approach the company directly because you are more likely to receive free installation this way. Even if they do charge for installation, it normally won’t be too much money and it is often offset by the cheaper monthly payments you will be making.

Do I Need the Phone Line?

At the moment, this much is true because Virgin Media seems to be the only option for broadband only. However, they have fibre optic connections that do not need the land line in order to connect and get working. Sadly, this is the only option for the moment and something that you will need to change if you were to change your broadband. As it all comes through as one package, you are likely to need to change your land line but this can be as easy as unplugging from one and plugging into another.

Broadband Contract Details

Before we go into how long your new contract may last, what if you are currently in the middle of a contract yourself? If this is the case, you may have to pay for an early cancellation and this fee will vary in size depending on the provider. Therefore, this is something you will need to assess before making any decisions. If the cancellation fee is more money than you would be saving in the new contract, you may have to reconsider.

In terms of length, this will all depend on the plan you choose. On our site, you can see how long the contract is with each and every deal which keeps comparison easy. If you have already decided how long you want your contract to be, you can even refine your search to exclude everything outside of this length. As a general rule, you will find that the lowest monthly rates can be found with the longest contracts. However, don’t fall into the trap of wanting to change provider again a year down the line because you will be subject to early cancellation fees once more.

The Process – Finally, the installation process and changeover of connections shouldn’t take too long at all. For most providers, they like to have you set up within two weeks but it might take longer if they need to send out an engineer. Regardless, you will be kept informed throughout the process via email. Considering we are now in 2017 and this industry is very efficient, no company will leave you waiting months because they want your custom!

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