Changing your Energy Provider


Thinking about changing your energy provider? In modern times, there are certain things in life we take for granted and energy is just one of them – just imagine living one day without energy these days!

For this reason, we place all energy companies on a pedestal because we don’t really understand the process of how it works. If you’re currently feeling a little trapped with your energy plan, today we have some advice for you.

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how to switch providers, and more.


According to the regulator of electricity and gas, Ofgem, around half of the UK don’t remember ever switching their provider.

Ultimately, this means that there is a high chance of them paying more money than necessary. Once providers know you are in it for the long haul and aren’t too interested in switching, they will gradually take advantage until you pay much more than you were when you first signed a contract.

On average, Ofgem suggests that we could save £300 per year just by switching our provider. Of course, this is just an average which means that many people will save a whole lot more than this.

In the North-East alone, the average increases to £550 when using a energy price comparison site and £400 is the figure seen in Scotland. If you get really lucky, you could even save a figure into the £1,000s.

Before we go, we just want to explain three of the most common misconceptions that currently exist with switching energy supplier;

Too Long – If you have ever said ‘it takes too long’, unfortunately you have been given the wrong information because most switches take a little over two weeks. Within this time, you also have a cooling-off period if you suddenly change your mind.

Too Hard – Again, many people think it is simply ‘too hard’ but this couldn’t be further from the truth. As long as you have your last bill to hand, we can get the ball rolling in no time at all. Even if you don’t have a previous bill, we can still get you comparing and finding the best deals for you.

Will Lose Energy – Although this may have been the case in the past, we can confirm that these days are over. Since there is only one pipe or wire into your home, you won’t be disrupted by having your energy cut off at any point. Instead, you will only see the difference on your new bill when it comes through the door.

There we have it, switching energy really can be easy so why not take a look around our site at more guides or to GET COMPARING NOW?

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