What’s the difference, mobile vs home broadband?

Mobile Broadband vs Home Broadband

Are you currently trying to compare mobile broadband vs home broadband?

Are you secretly hoping to find a site that will make the decision for you? Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy since they both have pros and cons but we want to provide you with help here today.

By the end, you should be in a better position to know which is right for you and why.

Home Broadband

First up, what are the main benefits to choosing home broadband?

Bundling – When you choose home broadband, there are opportunities to add your TV and phone services to make a bundle.

Often, double or triple bundles are cheaper and more efficient than having them with separate providers so this is something to consider.

Price – Generally speaking, home broadband packages are the cheapest of the two and this is before you even consider the huge costs that come with going over the allowed data on mobile.

Speed– Nowadays, home broadband has improved to the point where 300Mbps can be reached.

Of course, the average speed you see in your home will completely depend on your provider, package, and where you are in relation to the telephone exchange (with ADSL packages).

With the slowest home broadband packages, 16Mbps is common which is actually comparable to 4G.

Considering 4G isn’t yet available all across the UK, you will probably be reliant upon 3G for the majority of the time with mobile.

Download Limit – If you were to compare the market now, the vast majority of packages offer unlimited downloads and this is due to gaming, streaming, and other intense activities that are somewhat common.

Even if limits are in place, they are likely to be much larger than mobile broadband.

Mobile Broadband

With this in mind, can mobile broadband really compete?

No Landline Required – If you decide to go with mobile broadband, the biggest benefit you’ll see is the removal of landline; suddenly, the monthly line rental will disappear.

Flexible – With the various devices available such as dongles and mobile modems, you can normally access the internet wherever you are in the world rather than being limited to your own home.

With some packages, you could even go abroad and receive the same great service.

No Large Contracts – With the dongles themselves and the internet aspect, you can have more than one and you are allowed to switch at any point in time.

Easy Installation – After plugging in the MiFi or dongle, it will take just seconds for you to connect to the internet.

Rather than having wires and routers clogging up one corner of the room, you have more freedom and you don’t even have to worry about installation.

Once the sign-up process is complete, you will have immediate access.

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