Five Simple Ways How to Boost Your Broadband Speed

How to Boost Your Broadband Speed

Our tips to boost your broadband speed :According to the regulations in place, providers of broadband are only required to offer 10% of the advertised speed.

Often, we are left disappointed with the speed we receive but there are some things you can do to make it faster and we have compiled a list of simple tips down below.

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but, without further ado, let’s take a look at the advice we have prepared for you today!

Boost the Power of the Line

Unless you want to start digging and get involved with a million different lawsuits, you can’t actually affect the quality of your phone line directly because it is located outside of your home and doesn’t quite belong to you.

However, you can take steps inside the home and this starts with micro-filters.

When you signed up to your current broadband provider, you should have received a splitter for broadband and voice signals.

With such devices, you need to have them plugged into every single socket you use rather than the main one for broadband. After this, we have some other smaller tips;

If possible, keep the router close to the phone socket. Normally, the wire that comes with the router is the most efficient wire so extending this with a third-party wire can seriously impact the quality you see.

If you absolutely need to extend, buy the best cabling you can to ensure good speeds.

If you have multiple sockets around the house, it is worth trying each one to see which offers the best speed.

Of course, you need to keep the router fairly close to your computer but it is worth trying if you have more than one socket within a short distance.

Sometimes, the first filter will cause the phone line to create noise. If this is the case, try a second filter or spend some money on a high-quality filter; if you choose a reputable manufacturer, they can be bought for around £5 and it can have a huge difference.

Broadband Speed Test

Before you take any action, you should probably know just how fast/slow your current connection is.

Online, there are various free tests that will tell you the exact download and upload speeds.

As long as you run the test a couple of times to get an average rather than relying on one test alone, you will get an idea of the speed for which you are currently paying.


On the market, there are a number of free tests including Speed Test from BroadbandChoices. If you want more options try or uSwitch has their own version as well as MoneySupermarket and Ookla so bear these in mind.

If possible, spend some time on two or three different testers and write down your results to build an average.

Additionally, you might find that your speeds are faster at night and this shows that the provider is over-crowded during the day. Known as ‘traffic-shaping’, some connections will be prioritised in order to manage bandwidth.

At all times, you need to remember that the advertised speeds are rare to find. As we said earlier, providers only need to give 10% of this speed.

This being said, you should check the Code of Practice from Ofcom which says that customers must always be informed of estimated speeds before signing up; check if your provider has signed up to this code.

Usage Checker – Finally, we also recommend a usage checker to ensure that you don’t surpass your download or upload limits. Not only will going over cost you money, your provider could even slow your connection!

Broadband Speed of Neighbours

Normally, the biggest factor for speed is your location in relation to that of the phone exchange.

Since the BT phone lines are now aged, the signals will slow the further they have to travel. Using the StreetStats tool from uSwitch, you can see the average speeds of those in your neighbourhood.

uswitch StreetStats

This way, you will know whether you are being short-changed or whether your speeds are on a par with your neighbours.

If your speeds are much slower than your neighbours’, there is no reason why you can’t call your provider to let them know the differences.

Furthermore, there is also an app from the regulator which shows how powerful the line to your house should be.

Although you don’t see exact numbers for your home, it gives a rough indication of your street and what the line is capable of.

Re-Locate Your Router

At times, we find that the router is receiving a good speed but the user isn’t making the most of the opportunity.

For example, your speed will always be better the closer you are to your router. Therefore, WiFi will slow down as it passes through walls and goes up stairs.

If you move your router or re-locate your computer so they are in the same room, this clear path will improve your speeds no end.If you have multiple internet users in your home, try to choose a central point so that each user can benefit from good speeds.If in the middle of your home, it has the best chance of reaching all corners and all your family members will remain happy.

Also, we recommend a high position without being obstructed and not being kept in a cupboard or drawer!

Make the Switch

If you have run tests and seen that you really aren’t getting anywhere near the potential speed for your home, look into switching supplier when next out of contract.

On our site, you can type in your postcode and compare broadband depending on what is available in your location.

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If you still have some time to run on your current contract, contact your provider for better equipment or try some of the tips we have already suggested.

If you’re willing to pay an early cancellation fee because you know better speeds can be found elsewhere, look through our comparison tool to find the best deals for you.



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