Guide to Buying Mobile Phones


Buying mobile phones process can be confusing and you can end up with a contract that doesn’t match your needs as a result.

Every day, it seems as though new mobile phone deals are being added to the endless list of ‘special offers’.

Therefore, we always suggest the same first step for everyone buying a new phone – decide what you need it for most.

Do you spend a lot of time calling people or do you prefer to surf the net and watch YouTube videos on your commute every day?

If you are buying a handset on behalf of your family too, it can be useful to sit down and write a list of needs.

Once you know exactly what the family needs in terms of a tariff, the process of comparing different models becomes a whole lot easier.

For example, you might find that you and your partner aren’t bothered about having the latest models on the market.

If this is the case, you could have a less expensive handset as this meets your needs.

When deciding, consider these key factors;


If you have these eight categories, you can decide what you or your family need.

For example, texts might not be important if everyone is happy to use free messaging services such as WhatsApp.

Furthermore, do you need lots of storage for music and photos? After this, you can visit an online tool that will tell you how much data you require – ‘Confused’ has a very handy usage calculator.

From here, you can assess the best mobile phone deals and see which ones are relevant to you.

best mobile phone deals

At times, you might also need to make sacrifices – if the children watch YouTube videos, you can get away with lower data so long as the device is connected to WiFi.

In addition to finding this at home, you will also benefit from WiFi hotspots around the UK.

Nowadays, there are plenty of apps on the store that will show you the hotspots nearby.

When you are out for the day, this can be very useful.

After the needs of everyone have been assessed, you can start looking at the deals.

If you want to start with reliability and look for the best mobiles, ‘Which’ offers a good impartial reviewing service.

Furthermore, MoneySupermarket and uSwitch will also be of some help for comparing different models.


With this option, you will buy the handset outright before paying for all of your texts, calls, and data through ‘credit’.

If you have children, this can actually be a great way to portion their time on the device.

If they stay on it for too long, it will cost more money so it is a clever way to learn.

As well as keeping an eye on the credit levels, you will be allowing them responsibility which they will love.


Alternately, a contract will see you pay a certain amount a month for a set amount of texts, calls, and data.

contract mobile phones

Even if you don’t use them up, this fixed amount will be due each month.

For some reason, they have acquired a poor reputation but contracts can be under £10 per month depending on the level of service you need.

If possible, you might want to look for a contract that allows upgrades at any time.

Normally lasting for 12, 18, or 24 months, you will find that the higher data contracts are the more expensive options.

If needed, you can still stay in control of your child’s spending through ‘itemised billing’.


Finally, we have seen a third option in recent years and this sees you just change SIM if you are still happy with the handset itself.

This way, you can keep your old number and pick a great contract with the SIM as opposed to the phone.

Above all else, this allows you a little freedom.

Although the handset may have to be ‘unlocked’, it can be a great option and should be considered!




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