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Guide to Mobile Internet Access

In years gone by, we would have to listen to the dial-up internet chatter as we waited for our PCs to finally connect; let’s not forget the pain of having to close the internet to make a phone call.

Nowadays, it seems as though everyone has access to the web on the small mobile devices we carry around in our pockets.

Whether through a dongle or mobile data, millions of people search the web every single day but how does it all work?

Mobile Internet Access

By utilising 3G and 4G signals (these are provided by the masts belonging to the mobile phone networks), providers allow all devices access to the internet as long as the signal remains relatively strong.

As we continue to progress, 3G is now considered the ‘older’ of the two even though it is more accessible than 4G.

With the latter, it offers a much faster connection but isn’t available right across the UK just yet.

Away from internet data, there is another option for mobile users thanks to the invention of dongles.

After plugging them into a nearby laptop or computer, your mobile phone will receive internet signal.

Who is Mobile Internet Access suitable for?

As you can imagine, having mobile internet access right there in your pocket is a huge advantage when on-the-go so therefore we would recommend it to businesspeople.

Without effort, emails can be accessed as well as recent industry news. However, there are other groups of society who will also appreciate this kind of access;

Travellers – When travelling around the UK and even around Europe, this instant access can be pivotal for finding locations, seeking an internet cafe, looking for places to eat, and more.

With recent EU rulings, roaming charges are incredibly cheap and having the internet as well as certain apps by your side will make the travelling experience even more enjoyable.

Students – Rather than paying for home broadband and other expensive devices, a short-term phone contract can be perfect.

Considering you may only need access during term time, mobile devices are the ideal solution.

Email Checkers – By this, we mean those who only use the internet a little and perhaps don’t need a full home broadband package.

With a small pay-as-you-go deal or contract, you can check emails and complete light browsing on your mobile.

Savers – Finally, these small, short-term deals can also be good for the cost-conscious among us.

If you replace line rental and home broadband with mobile internet, you could save yourself a respectable amount each and every month.

Mobile Internet Access Providers

In recent years, the demand for this technology has increased with pace and this has seen the largest mobile providers invest heavily.

When looking for a provider now, every company offers at least 3G including Three, O2, EE, Vodafone, and many more.

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