Guide to Pay As You Go Mobile Deals

Assuming that you prefer not to be tied down to a contract for a certain period of time,pay as you go mobile deals can be a very good alternative.

Today, we have a complete guide to this option including the basic details as well as pros and cons!


With a contract, you simply pay an amount per month in return of texts, calls, and data.

With Pay As You Go Mobile Deals, you pay for the handset upfront and you will own it from that moment on.

However, you are on your own with texts, calls, and data which means that you need to ‘top up’ your credit every so often.

Whether using a voucher, mobile phone, or even some cash machines around the UK, topping up is very easy these days.


As mentioned, we have some pros to choosing this option so let’s take a look.

Upgrading Freedom – Since you aren’t tied down to a particular carrier or phone contract, you can upgrade your handset whenever you fancy.

Rather than having to wait with a damaged phone, you can walk into any shop and buy a new phone.

Some contracts, you could be stuck for up to 24 months which means you are paying for an out-of-date and potentially damaged phone.

No Contract – Often, people ask for the ‘best pay as you go mobile phone deals’ but they all seem to be good compared to contract.

Of course, this only applies if it meets your needs but we will look through the cons in a little while.

If you aren’t happy with the service of a particular carrier, simply throw the SIM away and choose another.

Whenever a phone company slashes their prices, you can utilise this opportunity.

Only Pay for Your Needs – With a contract, you might find that you are stuck with minutes and data you simply do not need.

Assuming that you only use your phone for texts and calls every now and then, a Pay As You Go Mobile Deals will suit your needs perfectly.

Rather than wasting money on endless minutes you aren’t using, you only need to pay for what you are using which seems more efficient.

Low Prices – Although the newest models are very expensive these days, some handsets can be found for just £5.

If you don’t need the type of phone that tells you the exchange rate within 2.4 seconds flat, these cheap handsets can be extremely effective.


Track Your Spending – Finally, we should also point out that you can see exactly what you’re spending on texts, calls, and data.

If you want to cut down, you just buy less credit and instantly save money.

Pay as you go mobile phones Cons

On the flip side, there may be occasions where Pay As You Go Mobile Deals aren’t for you and there isn’t a problem with this.

When looking for the best pay as you go phone deals, you may find that the tariffs are higher than you would pay with a contract.

In case that you need a business phone or plan to use a lot of data each month, you will probably find that a contract is a more efficient option.

If you want the latest smartphone, you will also pay hundreds just for the handset and then you’re on your own for texts and minutes.

Therefore, you need to assess your needs before making drastic decisions.

PAYG Adding Credit 

From most supermarkets and shops, you can buy a voucher with a randomly generated 12 or 16-digit number.

After calling a free number, you enter this and the credit will automatically be added.


pay as you go top up

As soon as the credit goes on, you can continue using the phone.

After purchasing a voucher, be sure to read the terms because it may expire after a certain amount of time.

Also, you need to know whether your carrier takes unused data or minutes away after some time.

With most, the credit will remain in place until you use it.

Just as you replenish your food shopping every so often, your phone will need topping up whenever the credit is running low.

However, you should still receive calls and texts even with no credit; you just won’t be able to reply.

In some cases, you may even have access to voicemail!













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