Guide to switching energy supplier


In life, we tend to be afraid of change even though it has the potential to bring many good things. Among many others, switching energy supplier is a superb example of this but the main problem comes with knowing how to get the switch done.

Over the years, the energy industry itself has seemingly convinced people not to switch but this should never be the case. If you want to save money today, follow our lead and tips to get started!


Before we head too deep into the process, we should first explain why switching your supplier is a good thing. When TV adverts or even people like us advise people to switch, they think that they will only save a few pounds.

However, research suggests that an average of £620 can be saved by those in the North-East. Of all the UK, the East Midlands has the lowest savings rate but this is still at £370!

Aside from money, there might be other reasons you have for switching including customer service, going green, or because your current supplier has been in the news due to money troubles. Whatever your reason may be, it is certainly something you should consider.


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Despite the many misconceptions, around 90% of people who switch actually say that it is easy. In fact, it is so easy that we have a brief step-by-step guide here for you;

Step 1 – To start, you will need to find your latest energy bill to gather the following information; provider name, current cost, energy usage, current tariff, and contact details. At this stage, you might also want to check whether you will pay an early cancellation fee because this could sway your decision.

Step 2 – Next, visit our ENERGY COMPARISON PAGE compare the market to find the best deals around.

Step 3 – Once you find a viable option, hit the ‘Switch Now’ button and you will be taken to an application form. As soon as you finish, a switchover date will be agreed between your existing and new energy provider.

Step 4 – Although this isn’t completely necessary, you should look to write down a meter reading on the day of your charge just so you can be sure the first bill is correct.

Step 5 – Finally, you will pay your last bill with your existing provider and cancel the Direct Debit (if necessary). If you’re currently in credit, you should receive a refund.

As you can see, it really is easy and you don’t even have to face the ‘please don’t go’ conversations as the new provider deals with the switch. In terms of your bills, any outstanding money less than four weeks old will be added to your last bill with the company.

If you have bills older than this, you will need to settle before the change occurs.

If you have been using a pre-payment agreement, any debts under £500 can be transferred and this is called the ‘Debt Assignment Protocol’.

Although your supplier may try to stop you from making the switch, the only way they can succeed is if they have a legal reason.

Summary – Switching energy supplier has never been easier and we need to spread the word so everyone is aware. As long as you use our price comparison service, you can be switched over in a record time and enjoying lower prices, better customer service, or whatever your motivation may have been!

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