How to get faster broadband in 2018!

Which broadband providers offer faster broadband?

With all these adverts on TV promising the ‘fastest speeds ever’&’faster broadband‘ it can be frustrating sitting and waiting for page after page to load on your PC.

If you currently see slow loading times, you don’t have to put up with it any longer and today we have some advice on providers, speeds, and the importance of both!

Why do I need faster broadband?

If you use the internet every day for gaming, streaming, surfing, work, emails, or anything else, a faster connection will allow you a more enjoyable experience.

Rather than waiting for movies to buffer and emails to load, everything will be quicker and the whole experience will be smooth long into the future!

Best broadband providers for speed

Today, there are two companies at the top of the pile when it comes to speed; Virgin Media and BT.

With their premium broadband options, they can reach up to speeds of 300Mbps and 330Mbps respectively.

Sadly, these packages require fibre optic which still isn’t available right across the UK since they are still being rolled out.

Often, people give up after hearing this because they think they cannot achieve fast broadband but this isn’t the case.

Remaining with BT, they combine ADSL and fibre-to-the-cabinet technology which allows you to reach speeds of 76Mbps and 38Mbps. Additionally, PlusNet and TalkTalk work with BT and their network so they can offer similar speeds.

If you want to compare prices between these largest companies, feel free to take a look on our comparison tool:faster broadband

Over the years, providers have been working hard upgrading their ADSL networks which means they are faster than ever before which is great news for all of us.

Since this network is available in every corner of the UK, you are guaranteed to be applicable for the service from all providers.

The Promised Speed

When you choose a fibre optic product from Virgin Media, the advertised speed is the one you will receive and this is a great advantage of choosing this technology.

Unfortunately, ADSL products aren’t quite so straight forward and you might never reach the speed promised in advertising.

Why? The further you live from the telephone exchange, the longer the connection has to travel and it will lose speed over distance.

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