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Compare  mobile phone deals, over the years we have seen some superb advances in technology and the mobile phone industry has boomed as a result. Nowadays, there are numerous manufacturers all offering different designs as well as offers.

With this in mind, it can be nearly impossible to find the phone that suits your needs. However, we have some advice today that will help you to find the right deal so you can be happy with your device in the coming years!

Monthly Contract

To start, we have what is probably the most popular option within the UK right now and it is a monthly contract.

After paying a set amount of money per month, you will receive a number of texts, calls, and data to use. If you go beyond this amount, you will be charged for the extra.However, there are a number of ways that this deal can be made up depending on what you use most so this option can cater to your needs.

For example, some contracts will reward more texts whilst others focus on the data section of the contract.

What Phones are Available?

When choosing a contract, your monthly charge will be decided by the features as well as the phone you have chosen. Nowadays, most of the newer models will be available on a contract from all the largest manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, LG, etc.

Depending on your choice, we should also note that some models will come for free whilst others require an initial fee. For the most part, you will receive the handset for free because you are covering the cost of it in the monthly bill so this is another reason why monthly contracts are so popular.

Rather than paying £500 straight up, you can split the cost without worrying about ‘credit’ and ‘topping up’. Even when you do have to pay an upfront fee, it is never normally above £50.


As mentioned, you will receive a certain amount of texts, minutes, and data. Typically, each provider will offer different packages for each phone so you can choose one that matches your needs.As long as you are honest with your usage, you shouldn’t have a problem staying within the confines of the contract and this means you shouldn’t ever be charged anything on top of your contract.

Ultimately, the best way to find the good offers is to compare and we will be talking more about this a little later.


As you may have noticed, there are now more mobile phone providers than ever before so you have a big decision on who to choose.

Luckily, this decision has gotten less relevant over time because they all now offer a professional service for a very good price.

Just a few short years ago, the difference between prices and even coverage was notable. Now, you should have coverage wherever you go in the UK which means that your decision won’t make or break your mobile phone experience.

Contract Length

Ultimately, the length of your contract will depend on how much you are paying, what phone you have chosen, and how long it will take for you to pay for the phone.

Considering these factors, most phones require a two-year deal where you will pay the set amount for the next 24 months.

During this time, you will be stuck in the contract and any damage you will need to have repaired yourself.

With most providers, you can also upgrade early and this is because they would rather secure your new contract than lose your custom altogether.

Normally, an early upgrade can be achieved two months before the expiry date but you shouldn’t just accept the first offer that comes your way because you might end up paying more than necessary – this leads us nicely onto the next step of the process.

Importance of Comparing Deals

Before you make any decisions, we cannot stress how important it is to compare different mobile deals because this is the only way you will see the best offers.

Since we have already discovered that choosing a network provider isn’t too important, your focus should switch to the best offer and we aren’t saying that you should write down every little detail on a piece of paper and spend hours comparing each and every deal.

Instead, you can use a price comparison site and choose between phones, networks, and more.

With a price comparison site, you can filter your searches and the features that are important for you.

For example, you can select a certain amount of texts, data, whether or not you require 4G, and more. After setting your own parameters, you will have a list on-screen of the mobile phone contracts that fall within your needs.

After this, you can inspect the finer details and make your decision. All things considered, this is the easiest way to find the best deal on the market and you will be rewarded with a fantastic mobile phone for the next two years.

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