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Short Contract Broadband

If we were to say the words ‘broadband contract’, what length of time immediately comes to mind?

For most, they think of around 18 months which is inconvenient to say the least because you could move house in this time or you might even be a student who spends some of the year back home.

In the worst case scenario, you might even find yourself stuck with an internet service provider (ISP) you don’t like with poor customer service and poor connectivity.

When it comes to switching whilst in a contract, those early exit fees will hurt.

From this, you can see careful consideration is required and you need a certain amount of commitment. Luckily, there is now another option in the form of no-contract and short-contract broadband.

These Short Contract Broadband contracts suits people who;

• Don’t want to pay all-year round when they split time between two or more locations
• May be moving house within the next year or two
• Like the freedom of shopping around and finding the best deals going

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Drawbacks – In truth, there are a couple of drawbacks to these contract types despite meeting the needs of the above.

For example, you are likely to be charged upfront and connection fees. Furthermore, most providers will charge more for these contracts because they don’t have the security of keeping you as a customer for a fixed period of time.

How Does it Short Contract Broadband Work?

Essentially, it will be a rolling contract for one month, three months, or even with no contract.

Whenever you want to end the contract, you can do so for no charge and you can shop the market before making any commitments.

Nowadays, numerous ISPs are offering shorter contracts and this competition has led to a reduction in prices.

By checking our price comparison page, you can test the waters today and find the right deal for you!

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