Entertainment options After the digital switchover

What is digital switchover?

For many years, there was much talk about the so-called ‘digital switchover’ as the UK converted from analog to digital.

Starting in 2009, this process continued for around three years before finally reaching completion in 2012.

In the five years since, TV and radio has undergone a huge transformation and an array of interactive services have now been introduced.

Today, we want to discuss your current options, how the digital switchover affected us all, and more.

Switchover advantages

Before we launch into the options you now have, what were the main advantages of the digital switchover?

• On TV, we suddenly had more TV channels from which to choose. Even on terrestrial, we went from five main channels to over 40 for no charge at all. Furthermore, there were more options for paid channels to improve choice.
• New interactive services were introduced.
• Those who enjoyed radio were welcomed to more choice.
• Opportunities to package TV, broadband, and HD increased.
• Picture quality improved thanks to improved reception.

After the switchover, these changes benefitted absolutely everybody.

After this, we had the services which helped a few smaller audiences such as better subtitling, more sign language programmes, increased sport, US TV, and more ways to save money with TV and broadband.

Sky TV

With Sky, you have one of the largest TV companies in the world offering Freeview channels and a selection of their own including Comedy Central, Sky Living, FX, and Sky Atlantic.

Additionally, there are four times the amount of free-to-air channels compared to Freeview.

If you like to have control over your TV experience, live pause and rewind can be enjoyed with Sky+ and the new Sky Q allows a plethora of HD channels; both also allow recording.


As long as you have the YouView box installed, you can pause and rewind live TV as well as recording your favourite shows.

Along with the HD movies on-demand, you can ‘catch-up’ using the appropriate apps and there is an option to add ESPN and Sky Sports to your package.

If you’re already a BT broadband customer, BT Sport will be free.

Virgin Media TV

Over the years, Virgin Media has received more attention for TV and they also boast BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 catch-up apps.

In the on-demand section, they have a whole host of shows, series’, and films waiting to be viewed.

Just like BT, you can add Sky Sports if you so wish and even Sky Movies. With the TiVo box, you can record shows and pause/rewind live TV.


Finally, we have another large company in TalkTalk who offer much of the same with pausing/rewinding live TV, access to thousands of films and shows, great number of on-demand movies and TV shows, and the option to add selected Sky channels.


With these four options, the next question is likely to be ‘well, who should I choose?’.

In truth, we cannot offer a definitive answer because everybody has slightly different needs. Furthermore, it depends on whether you want to add broadband and even mobile as a package.

However, we can say that each is a fantastic option and they all offer an easy interface so you won’t have any issues using the systems!

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